Clamp Italia is an Italian project born in 2015, specialized in the production of stabilizers and accessories for turntables. All our stabilizers are handmade at Italian’s mechanical turnery. Our goal is to meet the needs of djs and audiophiles who are looking for the perfection of sound, offering them high quality products, with a refined and customizable design.

Our strengths


Product study

Carefully studied in the shape, weight, height and quality of the materials

Performance analysis

Our stabilizers give a significant improvement in the reproduction of the sound of vinyl on turntables


The customer will have a unique and original result with the dual function of optimizing the sound and publicizing its brand.

Always OK!

The continuous search for suitable products to satisfy the public, led us to produce cork slipmats, to absorb vibrations and noises on vinyl and stabilizers – adapters for 7 inch , clearly improving their scratching performance.

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